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do angels really exist


“The mission of Sandie’s Ministry is to encourage, educate, inspire, and empower others to live productive lives”.








Counseling Services

We commit to educate, encourage, empower, and inspire on an individual case basis. We can accomplish this in various ways to include, but not limited to the following:

Spiritually – spiritual/biblical counseling, interacting with others, prayer, meditation, church attendance, prayer groups, volunteering, forgiveness, and thanksgiving.

Physically – exercise or physical activities, take “me” time, set goals and determine how to reach them, bedtime schedule, good nutrition, and sunlight exposure.

Financially – financial advisor referrals and basic Bible giving principles

Socially – good communication, good relationships skills

Mentally – improve coping skills, set realistic goals, and provide applicable education

Emotionally – offer a strong support network to avoid depression, anxiety, or other negative mood swings.

Intellectually – encourage interaction with people of various backgrounds, exposure to diverse experiences, critical thinking, playing games, and relaxation, engage individuals in creative and stimulating mental activities, discover hidden potential, and sharing God-given gifts and talents with others.

 *Major insurance companies are accepted for counseling fees.

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